Partnership Benefits

What makes CHP Different?

Commitment to collaborating with partner physicians on significant decisions
Focus on long-term growth and longer hold times
Prioritization of cultural fit when evaluating potential practice acquisitions
Focus on employee satisfaction
Prioritization of value creation over financial engineering
More personalized attention to individual practices
Leverage robust data and metrics in our decision making processes


Integrated network that improves access to care and quality of care.


Joining an independent platform of scale allows physicians to maintain clinical autonomy while benefiting from the supporting resources of a larger organization.


Joining a platform of scale enables employees to benefit from comprehensive training & development, employee benefits associated with a large organization and additional career opportunities.


Integrated network with leading clinical quality and scale creates an opportunity to manage care across a large population and partner on value-based care opportunities.

Partner with Us

Discover how partnering with Chiropractic Health Partners can enable your practice to grow through the delivery of high quality, efficient and comprehensive care. We would love to learn more about your practice.

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