Empowering Chiropractic Excellence

We enable our chiropractic partners to deliver exceptional care to their patients by supplementing their teams with the support, resources, tools and innovation to achieve superior clinical outcomes. Our trusted professionals prioritize the growth of your practice while aligning the interests of physicians, patients, employees and payors.

Our Vision

Build the best performing partnership of chiropractic practices and optimize the delivery of high quality multidisciplinary and integrated chiropractic care by leveraging the best clinical processes, market leadership and infrastructure.

Who We Are

Chiropractic Health Partners (CHP) is a Management Services Organization (MSO) that acquires and grows practices by providing its partner physicians with the resources, analytics, and expertise needed to add new service lines, build de novo locations, recruit additional providers, improve marketing and optimize processes. We enable our chiropractic physicians and providers to focus on patient care while we focus on managing the business aspects of their practice.

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Why Partner with CHP?

When you partner with CHP, you become part of a true partnership, which provides for immediate liquidity, enhanced long-term equity growth potential, capital to further your clinical practice, and a wide array of clinical, operational, and business management best practices.

Doctors maintain clinical autonomy
Doctors who are owners/partners in their practice are shareholders in CHP
Doctors maintain their practice’s brand name and logo (if preferred)
Doctors have representation in key decision making
Doctors benefit from economies of scale: There is strength in numbers
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Discover how partnering with Chiropractic Health Partners can enable your practice to grow through the delivery of high quality, efficient and comprehensive care. We would love to learn more about your practice.

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